Fairbanks Women's Shelter.

Women's Shelter Fairbanks.


IACNVL provides emergency shelter to survivors and their children, who are in need of safe housing. 

Permanent Supportive Housing

In a commitment to the goal of ending homelessness in Fairbanks and the surrounding areas, IAC is providing permanent supportive housing to individuals who have faced trauma throughout their lifetime resulting in a disability which has led to homelessness and a need for supportive services. 

IAC currently has 16 apartments designated for women in need of permanent supportive housing and our goal is to provide safe, affordable housing in a manner that optimizes self-sufficiency among those residing there. 

To qualify for Permanent Supportive Housing the applicant must have been continuously homeless for a year or more or had four episodes of homelessness in the last three years where the combined length of time homeless in those occasions is at least 12 months. 

The applicant must also have a disabling condition supported by a letter from a medical professional attesting to the presence of at least one of the following:

  • a diagnosable substance abuse disorder
  • a serious mental illness
  • a developmental disability
  • a chronic physical illness or disability, including the co-occurrence of two or more of these conditions

Potential residents are identified through the Fairbanks North Star Borough’s Coordinated Entry System. Please visit the Fairbanks Housing and Homeless Coalition’s website for a description of Coordinated Entry and a list of locations that offer an assessment that will determine the best housing options to address an applicant’s needs.

Fairbanks Recovery Residence

IAC's Fairbanks Recovery Residence offers a safe, sober place for women to begin or continue a life of recovery from substance use. We have two 3-bedroom units off University Ave that can accommodate up to 7 single women and their young children, but there is a waiting list at this time.

Applications, a flyer and photos of the home are available here.

To be considered, the applicant must be 18 or older and meet both of the following criteria:

  1. Have a history of substance misuse
  • A substance use assessment dated within the last 8 weeks will be required unless an applicant is currently in residential treatment, has completed residential treatment within the last three months, is enrolled in outpatient treatment or is a Wellness Court participant.
  1. Be one of the following:
  • A citizen reentering the community from incarceration
  • A person leaving residential treatment
  • A person who is homeless (including emergency shelters) or whose living environment does not support their recovery (for example, housemates who drink/use drugs or a lack of transportation to recovery activities).
  • A former recovery residence resident who was discharged and seeks to return. 

Fairbanks Recovery Residence features:

  • Fully furnished single and double occupancy rooms
  • Live among like-minded housemates in an affordable, residential setting
  • Develop goals with staff and peer support specialists
  • Fees are $75 per week for shared rooms or $150 per week for single occupancy (if an applicant doesn't have any money she can log hours to earn credit towards her fees)
  • Includes electricity, heat, internet, use of a shared washer/dryer, computer and food staples
  • Meets National Alliance of Recovery Residences standards

Applications can be faxed to IAC at 907-452-2613, scanned/emailed to housingdirector@iacnvl.org or dropped off/mailed to 726 26th Ave, Suite 1, Fairbanks, AK 99701. If you have any questions, feel free to contact IAC at 907-452-2293.

Apartment Complexes

IAC also owns and maintains two apartment complexes with a total of 14 units that are primarily leased to clients who need a fresh start. A variety of housing vouchers are accepted.

Housing Resources:

Emergency Shelters